Can I add an RSS feed to my page using Tapita?

Can I add an RSS feed to my page using Tapita?

You can follow the steps in this tutorial to do so:
In Step 3, use Tapita's Custom HTML element.
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    • The default font on my website is XXX. How can I add this to Tapita?

      Please go Tapita Page Settings > Styles > Page Fonts. Click Add more font and search for your font.
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      Yes, you can insert an image using its URL instead of uploading the image from your computer. In Tapita, after you insert the Image element, go to Image Content > Image Source > Add (+) Then, in the popup, go to An URL tab and enter the URL of your ...
    • Why is my page showing differently on preview?

      There are several cases where this can happen. 1. Some elements in Tapita only show their true form on preview/publish Some elements in Tapita only show dummy data during page building. Only after you’ve previewed/published your page, will they show ...
    • Can I add "attach file" option into my form?

      If you want to have the option of file attachment in your form, you can use this app to build the form, and then add this form into your Tapita page.
    • How to import my current pages into Tapita?

      Currently there is no direct way to import your existing Shopify pages into Tapita. They would have to be rebuilt using Tapita page builder. However you can contact us to get your pages built for free by our support team.