Free page build service requirements

Free page build service requirements

1. Page build Criteria

We can create the customer's page in: 

  • A sample page they own 
  • Their existing Shopify page 
  • Their graphic design

Applied to Professional Plan ($59) - 5 pages

2. The Process

  1. Collect requests & Contact

  1. Review & Negotiate

  1. Build & Feedback

  1. Hand over Page & Video tutorial

3. What customers need to know?

Duration: 3-5 working days 

Benefit: Build pages based on the sample page customers provide for FREE

Duty: Reply to us within 48h continually and do not edit the page during the implementation the period. Ensure the customers are the copyright owner of the sample pages

4. What we do and don't



  • Build the pages according to your paid plans
  • Build page with all available elements in the current Tapita app and NOT using custom code
  • Record a video to help you build the page with Tapita if required
  • Build a page without specific requirements, or sample or design. You need to give us specifics details on how you would like your pages to be
  • Build features that require our unavailable functions, and code (For example: hover/animation/shadow features that need code to display; overlaid layouts; setting up any third-party apps; etc)
  • Be responsible for any copyright issues related to the sample page and your page, please ensure you are the copyright owner of that page

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