How to change your form input fields to be REQUIRED

How to change your form input fields to be REQUIRED

Difficulty: Intermediate
By default, the input fields in your forms are optional, meaning users will not need to complete them before they can click Submit.
You can choose which input field to require by following this tutorial.

Drag your form into your page. Here we use the Contact Form block template.

Let's say we want the Name and Email field to be required.
We will then have to get the id of the following elements:
  1. Name input
  2. Email input
  3. Submit button
To get the id of the Submit button, click on the button and go to Advanced section. The id is the value in Item ID.

For Name and Email inputs, we will need to create ids for them. Click on Name and Email input, you will see there is a config named Input Id. Create unique ids for your inputs here.

Then, go to Page Settings > Advanced. Copy and paste this code into the Custom JS field:

var myInterval = setInterval(function () { var t = document.getElementById("pbitm-id-26"); if(t != null){ if( !t.attached){ t.addEventListener("click", function(event) { if(document.getElementById("name").value == "" || document.getElementById("email").value == "" ){ alert("Please fill out your name and your email"); event.preventDefault(); } }); } t.attached = true; } }, 500);

  1. pbitm-id-26 is the id of the Submit button
  2. name is the id of the Name input
  3. email is the id of the Email input

Click Save and done! Now users will need to enter Name and Email fields before they can submit the form.

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