How to check if your enabled SEO Schemas are working

How to check if your enabled SEO Schemas are working

After you enable the Schemas in Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer app, you will want to check if they are actually working. This guide will let you know how to do that.

Everytime you make changes to your pages (i.e. enable/disable the Schemas), it will take Google 1-3 days to revisit your pages and realize the changes. Therefore, please allow 1-3 days before testing with the below methods.

Using Google Rich Results Testing Tool

To test:
  1. Local Business, Logo, Sitelinks Search Box: use Home page URL
  2. Product: use product page URL
  3. Article: use blog article URL
  4. Breadcrumb: use either product/collection/article URL
Enter the appropriate URL into the URL field and click Test URL.

If the results appear with a green checkmark, then you know it is working.

What does this mean?

This result means the Schemas that you enabled are working properly and so your pages are eligible to display these Schemas on Google search results.
This, though, does not guarantee that these Schemas will show up in search results. For a list of common reasons why Google may not show your content in a rich result, see the General Structured Data Guidelines.

Using Google Search Console

Search Console is a tool that helps you monitor how your pages perform in Google Search.

In your Search Console account, go to Search Appearance report. If you see the Schemas name in the list, then it means the Schemas are appearing on Google search results when people search for your store.

To check a specific Schema performance, click on each Schema to go to its report.
Here, you can monitor the changes before and after you enable the Schemas.