How to configure Contact Form block

How to configure Contact Form block

Tapita Page Builder allows you to build contact forms using the following options:

  • Using the Contact Us page templates
  • Using the Contact Form block
  • Build the form fields from scratch using the Forms elements

Either way, there are only 2 steps you need to do to get your form working!

Use the Contact Form block

In Tapita page builder dashboard, go to Blocks > Others > Contact Form. Drag and drop this block into your page.

This block already has the function of Shopify contact form. All you need to do is style the form as you like, such as change the font, text color, etc.

Add or remove fields

If you don't need a field, you can remove it from the form as you like, except the Email field, which is required.

In case you want to add a field, do the following:

Go to Elements > Form > Text Input (or Text Area Input). Drag and drop this element inside your form.

You need to set the Input Submit Name following this format:

You can set Field_Name as anything you want, but bear in mind this will be the label that will be sent into your email as the field title.

For example, we can set our Input Submit Name in this case as contact[Address]

When you’re done, click Publish.

(Optional) Redirect subscribers after they submit the form

To create a better user experience, you can redirect customers to a Thank-you page after they submit the form.

To do that, you can create a new page in Tapita using the template “Thank You”.

You can publish the page as it is or edit it as you like before publishing.

After you’ve published the Thank You page, go back to the page where you put the Email Subscription Form.

Then go to Page Settings > Advanced, and paste this below code into the Custom JS field:

if( == "?contact_posted=true"){
	window.location.href = '';

where is the URL of your Thank You page.

Click Save and done! Now when customers submit the form, they will be redirected to your Thank You page.

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