How to create a free beautiful Instagram newsfeed

How to create a free beautiful Instagram newsfeed

1. Create Instagram newsfeed

Step 2: Login and choose what platform you want to display the newsfeed, in this case choose Instagram

Step 3: Login with your Business Instagram account . If you do not know how to convert your account to business please read this guide

Step 4: Click Widgets and Click New Widgets

Step 5: Choose the account you want to create a widget with

Step 6: Choose the style and configuration

Step 7: Copy the Widget Code by clicking iFramce code and choose the design that you would like. We recommend choosing Fixed width and height. Now save it for Part 2 of this guide.

2. Add your Instagram newsfeed element to Tapita page

Step 1: Choose the location that you want the Instagram feed to be located.
Step 2: Add the custom HTML element by drag and drop or click add element
Step 3: Copy the saved code in Part 1 to the Custom HTML element

Step 4: You can live Preview the design on the right side or click Preview. Click Publish your page if you are ready

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