How to give someone collaborator permissions to your Shopify store

How to give someone collaborator permissions to your Shopify store

How to give someone collaborator permissions to your Shopify store

If you work with an agency or freelancer, you may want to give them permissions in your store without making them a staff member (remember the number of staff members is limited depending on your plan). 

In this case, you can add them as a collaborator. This doesn’t count towards your staff member limit. 

Shopify collaborators

They gain access through their own Shopify Partner Dashboard or by using the Shopify app.

This is the full list of permissions you can grant to a collaborator: 

Collaborator permissions

If you want to grant access to a collaborator, they will need to send you a request first. If you have enabled request access codes, you will need to share the code with your collaborator so they can request access. 

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