Checklist to build a perfect page/ How to score your page? / How do you know if you have built a good page?

Checklist to build a perfect page/ How to score your page? / How do you know if you have built a good page?

Tapita has comprise a checklist of some simple components to help you with building your perfect landing page. Simply go through the list of the review list and check if your page passes the requirement.

The final score is the total evaluation off your page. You can make a copy of the spreadsheet using this link:
  1. If you score more than 80 points: Your page is relatively good and ready to be published
  2. If you score less than 70 points: Your page needs some improvements. Please change the contents or Contact us for review (Live chatEmail/TicketSlack Channel)
  3. If you score more than 90 points: You have built your page like an expert. Please contact us to get a free extra page (Live chatEmail/TicketSlack Channel)
Please contact Tapita if you have any problem understanding the list. We do offer a review service for free of charge as well so do not hesitate to give us a shout.

Review MaterialRequirementHow to checkScorePassCalculator
Title- Not the default title (New Page)
- Not a too general title (Page 1, site name,...)
- The length does not exceeds 60 characters
Use the tool https://www.charactercountonline.com10FALSE0
Description- Has a description
- Does not a too general description chung chung (Page 1, site name,...)
- The length does not exceeds 155 characters
Use the tool https://www.charactercountonline.com5FALSE0
Heading structure- Has 1 H1
- The remaining headings are arranged in the order from H2->H6, without skipping.
Example of a Pass heading structure.

Example of a Fail heading structure
Image alt tag- All images has content in the alt tag (except for decoration image such as icons)
Nofollow external links- All links direct to external website has to be nofollow
Mobile-friendly- Page is provided with a green tick by Google Test
User Experience
Responsive on device- Page does not has broken layouts across all devicesOpen Inspect in browser setting to test Responsiveness for different screen size10FALSE0
Quality of image- Images are not blurred, distorted, or low quality.Eyes check8FALSE0
Unified Format- All components with the same categories on the website are followed by the same format type without variationsExample: all headings has the same font style, font size, and is justified in the middle...etc8FALSE0
Conversion Optimization
CTA- Page has at least one 1 CTA (action button) visible on pageSome of the common CTA: Buy Now, Shop Now, Subscribe...10FALSE0
Trust factors- Page has content related to factors that increase customer trust such as: testimonials, certifications, reviews, ratings...Eyes check5FALSE0
Google PageSpeed- Page has green tick for desktop and orange tick for mobile
GTmetrix- Page scores A or B

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