How to ultize your Tapita Free Plan to the fullest

How to ultize your Tapita Free Plan to the fullest

In this article, you will learn about Tapita free plan and how to use it effectively.

Page Type and number of page

Tapita is the only apps that offer 5 FREE FOR LIFE pages as long as you install Tapita, making it the best FREE plan for page builder on Shopify .The number of pages for different type is according to the 

Regular page/Home page - 2 pages

A standalone page, landing page or subpage for your store and campaign. You can use regular pages to create an About us page, FAQ page, Contact us page or even a landing page or A brand-new efficient home page that visitors first see when they go to your store.

Collection page - 1 page

An embedded page that adds more content to your existing collection page below the Shopify content.

Product page - 1 page

An embedded page that adds more content to your existing product page below the Shopify content.

Blog post - 1 page

A blog post to talk about your brand or product.

Pre-made templates, section and elements

Unlike many other providers, Tapita offer all of our templates for free of charge (even the one that is consider 'Paid' from other providers)

Page pre-made templates

Tapita comes with 90+ templates in a huge variety, including homepage, landing pages, product pages, blog pages, and more that you can easily adapt to fit your needs. All templates are responsive and ready to be used right away

Page pre-made section and & elements

Premade Sections and elements are designed to save your time and inspire you in building your page. You are provided numerous pre-built sections and elements that can be used instantly. They are important factors of an online store that help to improve conversion rates and your working time. Below are some of the example that you can use pre-made sections and elements with.

Add a Product suggestions section

Like the page introduction section, we also select a product suggestions section to use in the page canvas.

Add a newsletter form

A newsletter form helps you to keep connected with your customers. Your customers can subscribe their emails to your newsletter, by this way, you can send them new updates: new products/ collections, sales campaigns, etc

Build as many draft as you want 

Tapita does not limit the number of draft that you can build. You can freely create as many drafts as you want to test, try and prepare in advanced the pages that you will possibly need

Add hover animation like a pro 

Tapita offer for free off charge a list of 90+ hover animations that you can use for ANY section or element that you want.

Have access to 1000+ font from Google

Tapita is one of the few app that allows you to freely edit and add in custom font for your landing pages. You have access to thousand of fonts from Google database, making it almost limitless to create any design that you want with your page

Contact us at anytime if you have any problem creating your free pages with Tapita.

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