How to use Funnels in Tapita

How to use Funnels in Tapita

What are Funnels?

Funnels is a brand new feature update in Tapita with the top goal of helping merchants like you to create groups of pages that work perfectly together, therefore increasing conversion rates and boost sales.

You can find Funnels feature on the left menu, above Pages.

Funnels are basically pre-defined groups of pages that work together as a flow, and often serves a single purpose such as leads generation, sales conversion, up-sales, etc.

How to use Funnels?

Select a Funnel template

Click on a Funnel template to select it. Each Funnel has its own pages and purpose, so choose a Funnel that best fits with your store and current goals.
  1. Lead Generation: Free Download
  2. Sales Conversion: Blog to Collection 01, Blog to Collection 02, Service Booking
  3. Group Pages: Information Pages

Edit pages information in your Funnel

After selecting a template, you need to enter Title and URL Path for each of the pages in the Funnel.
Product/Collection pages won't require you to enter URL Path.

The top page will link to the next page in the funnel, and so on.

After you've done, click Create Funnel.

Modify pages content

To edit the content of the pages, you can click Build button beside the page name in the Your Funnels section.

Or, you can edit those pages in the Pages section. Note that pages that belong to a section will have an additional Funnel action button.

Publish all pages in Funnel

After you've finished editing the pages content, you should publish all pages in the funnel to make sure they can work as a flow.
When the pages are published, they will change into green color like this:

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