Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Return Qualification

The refund request must be issued within 3 days from the date you purchased it. A refund request can be accepted only when a major problem has happened to your Tapita account, creating data loss or serious disturbance.

Since we provide a free plan where you have access to Tapita’s features, we have no obligation to provide a refund in the following situations:

  • You have changed your mind about the app
  • You bought Tapita under a discount
  • You bought it by mistake
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the app
  • You ask for goodwill.
  • You ask for refunds of prior months.

How can I issue a refund?

If you plan to get a refund, please submit a ticket at our Help Center or via Live Chat in Tapita app.

If you encounter a problem in our app, it’s better to investigate it and restore any data lost or disturbed.

Therefore, please do not uninstall Tapita – we can only help if you still have your app. Once it’s uninstalled, there’s nothing we can do.

What will happen to my Tapita pages?

An issue for a refund with Tapita also means that you will stop using Tapita paid plans. If you decide to downgrade from Proffesional, Standard or starter plan to Free plan you will be able to have only access to Free plan features including the number of published pages.

How can I receive the refund?

Once we receive your refund request:

Case 1: The billing cycle has been paid: we will process the refund for you.

Case 2: The billing cycle has not been paid yet. For this case, we will contact Shopify team to request for a cancellation on this charge. 

Please note that we cannot avoid future charges, as it’s under control of Shopify Billing team. We can only refund you after you have paid for the charge. Due to Shopify’s policy, we don’t handle this refund by ourselves, so we really appreciate your understanding and patience.

When will I receive your refund?

The charge should be canceled in a few days. To keep track of the process, you can contact Shopify team directly and ask them about this issue.

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