Shopify's new performance dashboard

Shopify's new performance dashboard

From January 31, 2024, Shopify will begin rolling out a new web performance dashboard for Shopify storefronts over the next few weeks, to replace the old speed score. Here's what the new scores will look like:

What are these new scores?

These are Core Web Vitals, which are the metrics that Google uses to evaluate real user experience of a website performance. They are:
  1. Largest Contentful Paint (Loading speed)
  2. First Input Delay (Interactivity)
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift (Visual stability)
You can explore the data further by clicking on the metric titles.
This opens a more detailed view of each metric. You’ll see the percentage of users falling into each bucket of good, moderate and poor. Using this data you can quickly identify areas that need improvement.

3 Core Web Vitals shown with distribution of good, moderate and poor

Clicking the metric title or the icon in the top right corner of each card (and metric) will take you through to the time series breakdown.

LCP score displayed over time

Below the time series chart you will find the number of visits for each day. Visits are color-coded by the rating (good, moderate, poor).

The time series distribution shows for each time period the number of good, moderate and poor visits

If your store has low or no visits, there will be no Core Web Vitals metrics, because these metrics get data from real users visiting your site.

What are the difference between these new scores and the old score?

The old single-number score that you see in your Shopify dashboard and also inside Tapita app is the page speed metric that is acquired from the Lab score of Google PageSpeed Insights tool. This score measures your page speed in a lab environment, which does not depend on real user visits.
The new Core Web Vitals scores, on the other hand, measures real user experiences, and will depend on your real user visits.

The old score is taken from this Google PageSpeed score:

While the new scores are these metrics:

This update by Shopify is still very new and may subject to change in the future, so please expect fluctuations in the scores.
For full details on how to use the dashboard head to the help docs.