The Page Types you can create using Tapita

The Page Types you can create using Tapita

Tapita allows you to create pages of these types:
  1. Landing pages (including Home page)
  2. Blog pages
  3. Product pages
  4. Collection pages
Let's explore each type!

Landing pages

Landing pages are the pages you see under Online Store > Pages section in your Shopify admin. These pages usually have this path in their URL: /pages/

In Tapita, you can create them in Home & Landing Pages. There are also many ready-made templates for this page type for you to choose from.

Blog pages

These are the blog pages in Online Store > Blog posts. These pages usually have this path in their URL: /blogs/news/

In Tapita you can create these posts under Blog Pages.

Product pages

These are the details pages of the products in your store. You can find them under the Products menu in your Shopify admin.
Tapita does not actually create new product pages, but only insert content above and below your default product pages detail.

You can edit one, several, or all of the products pages template using Tapita, under Product Pages section.

Collection pages

These are the collection pages that contain a group of your products. You can find these pages under Products > Collections in your Shopify admin.
Similar to Product pages, Tapita does not create new Collection pages, but only insert content above and below your default collection pages.

In Tapita, you can create new Collection template by going to Collection Pages section.

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