Why does my traffic not increase after fixing the issues found in the SEO audit?

Why does my traffic not increase after fixing the issues found in the SEO audit?

In Tapita General SEO Audit feature, you might notice a number that says "Estimated monthly traffic increase after solving found issues". That is a very rough estimate of your traffic increase potential, based on various factors:
  1. Your store SEO score
  2. The number of SEO issues found
  3. The critical degree of your SEO issues
  4. The total number of pages in your store
  5. The number of pages that the audit is based on
Again, this is only a very rough estimate. We base our estimate on only the factors that we have control on. Outside of that, there are many more factors that will affect your traffic, such as the content on your pages, your number and quality of backlinks, and how your competitors are performing.

When you've fixed all issues and do not see the traffic increase, that does not mean the fix is useless. The issues that our SEO audit found all affect your store SEO one way or another, and you should always fix them. It will benefit your store in the long run.

Also, If you face difficulties in creating and optimizing content, as well as obtaining high-quality backlinks, you can call on Tapita. Currently, we are offering the following services:
  1. Content development and optimization from $50/content: we will tailor content to address audience needs, ensure brand consistency across channels, optimize keywords for SEO, and create an SEO content calendar to boost search traffic.
  2. Quality backlinks (inbound links) for $15/link: Tapita has a dedicated link building team and has connections with many high-quality and relevant websites. The more high-quality backlinks you obtain, the higher you can rank on search engines.

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