Why is the store speed in Tapita different from my Shopify store speed?

Why is the store speed in Tapita different from my Shopify store speed?

Tapita store speed and Shopify store speed both measure how fast your store pages load in average. Both of these scores use pretty much the same method of calculation, in particular:
  1. Both use Lighthouse performance score from Google PageSpeed tool
  2. Both measure scores from 3 pages: home page, product page, collection page; on both mobile and desktop
However, there are some differences in details which may cause some difference between Tapita speed score and Shopify speed score. The most common reasons are:

Different timing

While Tapita speed score reflects your store speed at the moment you measure, Shopify speed score measure your speed score daily, at a certain fixed hour of day. Thus, the score you see in Tapita and in your Shopify admin are scores that are measured at different time, which may fluctuates slightly.

Different calculation

While Tapita measure speed at a single point in time, Shopify speed score is an average of multiple days of Lighthouse performance scores.

Different page weight definition

While both Tapita and Shopify use average scores from same types of pages (home page, product page, collection page), the page weight that each tool uses for the average calculation is different.
For example, Shopify weight the home page at 17%, while product page and collection page have weights of 40% and 43% respectively.
Tapita uses our own page weight definition to calculate the average score, which we think will be the most accurate representation of your store speed.
Due to this difference in page weight