Will creating pages with Tapita impact our theme?

Will creating pages with Tapita impact our theme?

No, pages that you create with Tapita will stand alone and do not affect your store theme.
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    • How to import my current pages into Tapita?

      Currently there is no direct way to import your existing Shopify pages into Tapita. They would have to be rebuilt using Tapita page builder. However you can contact us to get your pages built for free by our support team.
    • Can I recover my deleted pages?

      Currently there is no ready way for you to recover the deleted pages. If you really want to do so, please contact us and we will try to recover the pages for you.
    • Can I copy and paste pages content into new ones?

      There are two ways you can do this. It depends on how much of the page content you want to copy. 1. If you want to copy all or almost all of the content The best way to do this is to Duplicate the whole page. Simply go to your page listing and click ...
    • I do not see my selected font reflect in Tapita dashboard. How can I apply the new font to the page?

      At the Tapita dashboard, we use our own font to display. When selecting a font, in order to preview it, you will need to save it and click preview or publish it to your website.
    • How to download images from Tapita?

      Tapita does not have image download feature. However you can still download images by simply right click > Save Image As. This can be used any where, from live page, builder dashboard, or from Tapita Image Library.