General checklist for starting with Tapita

General checklist for starting with Tapita

This checklist outlines all the steps that you need to take to get started with Tapita. These steps will help guide you understand, create and publish your page with Tapita. You might find it helpful to print this checklist or to download it as a PDF so that you can refer to it throughout the setup process.

Before you start

Before you start setting up your Tapita, it's important to understand your goals. Ask yourself basic questions about the pages you need to build. For example, do you want to raise brand awareness and don’t need visitors to take action? Do you have a specific marketing goal (e.g., get more leads, sign-ups, or sales)? This can help you to focus your attention and speed up your setup process. You might also want to think about which pricing plan meets your needs. However, you don't need to choose a plan if you choose our Free version with 3 published page available

☐ Research for the type of the pages that you want. Please do not build a homepage to be a landing page.
 Hire a designer or prepare yourself with some basic Photo editing knowledge. 
 Prepare a folders that has all of the media that you want to publish on your page: video, stock images, avatars..etc
 Set a specific goal : Drive More Sales, Get More Conversions, Generate More Leads or create a demands.
 Give Tapita permission in this settings before building a page.

 Think about the number of page that you need. If it exceeds 3, think about which pricing plan satisfies you.

Tapita Dashboard Overview

Before you start building a page with Tapita, you need to understand some basics . You need to decide on some global settings for your pages and learn more about Tapita dashboard and what does it offers.

 Learn about the 4 type of pages you can build with Tapita: Landing pages/Homepage, Blog pages, Product pages or Collection pages
 Get to know our 4 support channels: 18/5 Live chat (also available inside the dashboard), Email/Ticket, Slack Channel or Facebook chat. If you ran into any trouble please reach us with any of the support channels above.
 Send us a feedback anytime using feedback button in the taskbar

 If you have more than one language, learn about Tapita translation features.

Build your pages using Tapita:

 Create your page with blank template or choose from the selection of template
 Set a correct and unique URL path. If you do not set a proper URL path the page will not show up in your website.
 Set up your Meta Title in the SEO Section (Home/Landing page + Blog).
 Pay attention for specific page type:
       Product Details + Collection: choose the Categories or Products you want to apply this design to.
       Blog: choose the Target blog.
 Create your page with Tapita elements
 Use our premade blocks to save time
 Import/export Tapita page when needed

Review and publish your page:

 Use preview function regularly to keep track of the changes in real site

Download this checklist and score your page:
      ☐If you score more than 80 points: Your page is relatively good and ready to be published
      ☐If you score less than 70 points: Your page needs some improvements. Please change the contents or Contact us for review (Live chatEmail/TicketSlack Channel)
      ☐If you score more than 90 points: You have build your page like an expert. Please contact us to get a free extra page(Live chatEmail/TicketSlack Channel)
Publish your page (Please have the correct URL path)

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